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Time Share Buyers FAQ

Do I need a Real Estate Broker to help me buy my time share?

No, but youíre foolish not to use one. For one, itís free since the seller is paying for the broker. Secondly, as a Transaction Broker, we do not work for the Buyer nor the Seller, thus you have no fear that we are not being fair with both parties. Our obligation by law is to treat all parties fairly and honestly. Also, only a Real Estate Broker can provide you with the legal protections under law to assure you of a clean and clear transfer of ownership, with no surprises afterwards. We hold all funds in a State-approved escrow fund until clear title has transferred into your name. No one, ever, has lost one cent when doing business with our company!

How do I know which time share is really the right one for me?

Thatís what weíre here for. With hundreds of listings to pick from, we can guide you to the very best property at the least cost, based on the way you want to vacation and your future goals. With 21 years experience, weíve helped thousands of folks just like you in obtaining a great time share that has provided them with fantastic vacations. And, with our exclusive 1 year Satisfaction Guarantee you can rest assured that youíre making the right choice, or you donít keep it.

I saw another property for sale, but the company selling it is not licensed as a Real Estate Brokerage. They say they donít have to be and assure me all will be fine, that they do this all the time. Am I safe?

Youíre not. Each state in the U.S. now looks at time shares as a real estate transaction. It does not matter where the time share is located or what form of ownership is it (deeded or leased). The reason for this is consumer protection. Without a properly licensed real estate company preparing a proper contract, you have no protection if something goes wrong.

Iím being told that all I need is a title agency to ensure the proper transfer of my purchase, thus, a Real Estate Broker is not needed. Is this correct?

Not at all! A title agency has one job only, to transfer a title. They are not there to point out discrepancies to you or to safeguard your interests. You may end up with a title, true, but it may be nothing but an albatross around your neck that you wonít be able to get rid of. Again, using a Broker is free! Why take the chance?

Is a Quit Claim Deed as good as any other deed?

No! A Quit Claim Deed is the poorest of all deeds, and many times conveys nothing at all! The holder of a quit claim deed is basically stating that he/she does not guarantee that he owns the property heís selling, or that thereís any usage of it, or that thereís not something owed against it. But whatever he/she has is now yours. You should never accept such a deed.

Iím really new to time shares and need some education. Can you help?

Of course! The first place to start is at the link on our web site, ďHow Time Shares WorkĒ. Itís a quick, humorous read that will not only get you a lot of information quickly, but will guide you towards understanding which time share is best for your particular needs.

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