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Time Share Sellers FAQ

I’ve been stung by companies requiring up-front fees, only to have no results what-so-ever. How can I trust you?

It is a shame that some companies have seen that they can make a fortune by doing nothing but conning innocent people out of their money. These scum-of-the-earth “people” will promise anything and deliver nothing, all just to get your hard-earned money. Their business is not in selling time shares, it’s in collecting up-front fees. Most are not even a licensed Real Estate Brokerage, so they legally could not sell your time share for you even if they really wanted to! We will never ask you for a check or credit card number. We get paid by doing our job and selling your time share. Our commission will come out of the proceeds of the sale at time of closing, just like selling your home. You have absolutely nothing to lose by hiring us to sell your time share.

I see all sorts of prices out there for time shares, and quite honestly yours are some of the lowest. Why can’t you get a higher price for me?

We don’t set prices here. Like any product, prices are ultimately determined by buyers and sellers in a free market. Our job is to get you the highest and best price for your time share, but also to get it sold. We can advise you as to how much your time share is worth, based on 21 years of doing nothing but time share sales. We’ll tell you why we’re advising the numbers we do and back it up with hard facts. We understand that you may choose not to do business with us. Thus, we want to get you everything we possibly can for your time share to earn your business, and our commission. If you choose not to list your time share with us, we have no chance of making a commission. But if it’s priced too high, it won’t sell and we won’t make a commission anyway! And even worse, you’ll continue to pay maintenance fees on something you really don’t want.

When do I get my money?

Once the contract is signed by the buyer and seller it normally takes 6-8 weeks for the title work to be done, deed recorded and resort notified of the title change. Once this is done the money is released from escrow and you’re paid immediately.

How long does it take to get my time share sold?

Legally, no one can promise you a time frame since no one can predict the future. Most of our time shares sell within 60-90 days. Yours may sell quicker, or it may take longer.

I see companies with thousands of listings for sale, vs yours with hundreds. Why the difference?

Very simply, we get the job done! We move time shares here. We also indicate on our web site which ones are spoken for and which ones are not. At any given time, 25-33% of our listings are under contract (spoken for) and are going through the closing process. We will actually limit the number of listings we take as well. Too many listing are a red flag to a buyer. They’ll tend to think something is wrong with a resort and shy away from it. The formula we use has a proven track record. If you want your time share sold, you’ve found the right folks to do it.

Is there a way to “instantly” get rid of my time share?

There is, but it’s not a method we advertise greatly and we do not recommend this to everyone. We do get calls from folks who want to give us their time share and pay our commission as well, so as to just get out from under it and go on with life. Some companies have made a business out of this, although we don’t agree with the hard-sell tactics and the misrepresentations they use. We won’t do this for every property, but if you are at that point and wish to discuss it with us just give us a call. Again, no promises we’ll do it but we’ll take a careful look at it.

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