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Selling Your Time Share

With 15 years experience, we at Island Consulting Realty have seen just about every scheme and scam imaginable. Here are a few things you will avoid when working with Island Consulting Realty:

Never give an exclusive listing. You are only tying up your property on the hopes that only one company will be able to get the job done.

Never, ever, ever pay a dime upfront. A legitimate resale brokerage should earn their commissions only after they have brought you a buyer. Never pay upfront listing fees, advertising fees, appraisal fees, etc., etc.

Don't be fooled by promises of unrealistic selling prices. This is a familiar ploy to grab your listing. Most of the time you'll only see this with the companies who will then ask you for money for an appraisal, advertising fee, MLS fee, etc. Once you have given them money, they have their money and they are looking for the next seller.

Selling your time share through Island Consulting Realty couldn't be easier. First, you need to know that you will incur no cost what-so-ever to list your time share with us. There are no listing fees, no advertising fees, and no phony "appraisal" fees. We handle all the paperwork for you. When you're ready, we have THREE different methods to choose from, depending on how fast you want to sell your time share:

1. Our most popular method will price your time share at the highest and best value to get you the maximum amount possible for your time share. Click here for that time share listing agreement.

2. Our more aggressive approach puts your time share in front of the bargain hunters, and there are many of them out there. It will stand out as an outstanding bargain and we'll help you out by also lowering our commission. Instead of holding out for the highest and best price, the time share will be priced at $99 to attract a LOT of potential buyers. This is not an approach that is for everyone, but it's a method we've tested and found to be a success. In this instance, we cut our commission from $1500 to $750 to help you. Since the time share is being sold for $99, however, this means at the time of closing (not before), you are contributing the other $651 to pay our commission. Call or email us with any questions. Click here for that time share listing agreement.

3. Our MOST aggressive approach guarantees you a sale, TODAY. Again, this is not for everyone but it gets the job done immediately. Click here for details on immediate timeshare sales.

How do we go about selling your time share? Island Consulting uses every means possible to get your time share SOLD. In addition to our very popular web site, we also do print advertising and keep tickler files for folks looking for time shares like yours. Our popular monthly newsletter keeps our name in front of time share buyers and we also multiple-list our time share listings with other brokers who meet our standards of ethics. We have multiple web sites for maximum exposure and for pointing the search engines to our main site. This gives you the maximum exposure possible. Plus, all of our sales come with our exclusive one year Satisfaction Guarantee. For the buyer, this one year guarantee gives them the extra confidence they need to go forward. Knowing they are dealing with a reputable company whom will stand behind what they sell means the difference between buying from us, or buying from a competitor. For the seller, this extra guarantee comes at no extra cost to you. You are under no obligation what-so-ever. All the above methods mean the difference between success in selling your time share, and wondering why you still own it a year later!

The logistics of selling your time share are simple. Fill out the form and send it in. We'll contact you shortly thereafter to confirm your agreement. When we have a contract for your time share, we'll collect a deposit from the purchaser which will be put into escrow (a special, safe, bank account that is not to be touched or used for any other purpose). We'll forward the contract to you for your signature. When we receive it back from you, the paperwork will be handled by the company or title office handling the closing. This company will collect the balance due, ensure that title has transferred properly, and send you a check.

In determining a price for your time share, keep in mind that you have plenty of competition. As a rule of thumb, whatever the resorts are selling their timeshares for, the resale market has them for much, much less. Don't make the mistake of pricing your time share higher than you'll actually take. With lots to choose from already on the market, you'll lose out on many potential sales. See our list of timeshares for sale to get a feel for the market. If you need more advice, or need some help, feel free to call us anytime at 800-809-6020.

We’d love to have you join our family of friends and customers. We’ll make you feel at home.

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